Revolutionize your AP and AR Process - Join Our Webinar


Date: Tuesday 04-Feb-2020 Webinar


  11:00 AM - 11:30 AM


  Tuesday, Feb 04

Cut AP Processing time in Half

Traditional AP processes are disjointed, cumbersome, and error prone. How much time do you spend waiting for approvals, double-entry of data across multiple systems, and correcting errors?

  • Bring all AP processing into one system
  • Easily search and report on all your AP transactions
  • Pre-determined approval workflows automate and handle approvals online, across multiple devices

Get Paid 2 times Faster with

With speedy, direct electronic payments, clients will typically get paid 2 times faster using this solution. While that is an incredible benefit on its own, also automates many AR functions; this makes life easier and your customer relationships stronger.

  • Speedy, direct payment 2x faster
  • Automated reconciliation process
  • Ability to create digital invoices & receive electronic payments

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