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How to Capture Valuable Attention Online - blog post image

How to Capture Valuable Attention Online

Tuesday, September 04, 2018
Posted 9 months ago

Written by Will Rose

Make your site visually appealing and clickable

Human beings are visual creatures, and in order to capture attention, you need compelling imagery. This is true of advertising, design, architecture, food, and the same goes for your website. While your site visitors will be able to get important information and understanding from reading the text content of your website, a picture often does speak a thousand words. This is the next step you can take in improving your online presence.  

Ideally, you'd have a backlog of original photographs showcasing company culture, your products, your offices, and your projects. These can be formatted for use on social media platforms, in your website design, in advertisements, and in blog posts. But for most small and medium businesses, they cannot always get the quality or volume of photos that they need. This is where good stock photography comes in.

Where to Find High Quality Photos and Infographics

Presentation is hugely important, we know this to be the case. The visuals you choose to incorporate speak volumes about your brand. You may not have the capability to create professional looking content, but fear not! There already exists an abundance of resources at your disposal, some of them free of charge.

Not only is there a surplus of quality photo content on the web, but also a great deal of stock video. If you need to put together a video clip, it’s likely you’ll be able to flesh out your concept with the addition of quality stock video.

Stock images have moved far beyond cheesy handshakes in white rooms. The more premium offerings available now look more artistic, tell a story, and feel like a real company, place, or person. Here are some of our recommendations:

Adobe Stock
Adobe Stock contains thousands of relevant images perfect for illustrating the principles and functions of your operation. These images are not free, and require you either a pay a usage fee, or be an Adobe Creative Cloud Subscriber. They are, however, worth every cent. Try a free trial of Adobe Stock now: 30-day Free Trial with 10 Assets

Pixabay is a database of free images, and you’ll be able to find high quality images comparable to those of Adobe. Unfortunately, the pool of images is much smaller and you may find other sites using the same ones.

Pexels is a similar service to Pixabay, offering free use of stock photo online. It comes with the same pitfalls of a smaller database of images and a higher likelihood of other sites using the images.

Where to get the most out of your Imagery

Site Design
Stunning banners, helpful graphics, universal icons-- all of these things make your site a more attractive, intuitive, and informative space for your current and future clientele to experience. Don't underestimate the power of an epic hero image. Maybe a mountaintop would convery a metaphor about your business or drone footage could showcase a timelapse of the type of work you do. This imagery can create feelings in the user in a split second; make them count.

Stock images can be especially useful in terms of your blog presence, relating themes of your blog content to a visual. They allow for a general but highly presentable way of conveying your topic. They are equally effective as fixtures within your website (as mentioned above), usable for all of your page designs, and applicable within the body of web pages themselves.

Social Media Platforms
If you use social media platforms (as most folks do these days), Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or others, stock content can be repurposed and reformatted through a variety of methods to fit the particular platform. In this way, you can recycle content in an organic manner, effectively representing your brand across all your sites with relative ease.

Don’t let low quality imagery misrepresent your brand; there are many affordable and free options available for you to provide the sharpest representation of your organization. Make it your resolution to keep your visual content in high resolution.

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