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The Case for Testimonials - blog post image

The Case for Testimonials

Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Posted 8 months ago

Written by Will Rose

Do You Employ Testimonials & Case Studies?

One of the three classic Greek modes of persuasion “Ethos”, as coined by Aristotle, translates literally to character. His point was that if you can demonstrate yours or someone else's character, you can be persuasive. If you can show that you’re an organization with character, you can convince prospective clients of your merit and win their business.

Testimonials and case studies lend credibility to your brand and site. Seeing the glowing reviews of others in testimonial form will encourage prospective clients, let them know what to expect, and give them a good idea of the character of the organization they’re dealing with.

Likewise, case studies will provide concrete examples of your past successes, and show that you get results. In combination, the positive feedback of previous clients and demonstrated record of your successes will make your website more effective in securing future endeavors.

Types of Testimonials and Case Studies

Case studies and testimonials can assume many forms — you can feature them prominently on your homepage, use them as the foundation for blog posts, and create an entire page dedicated to them within your site; the list goes on. You want to feature as many examples of your successes as possible.

Both written or text, as well as video content, of your case studies and testimonials are essential in optimizing your site SEO. By including both embedded videos and presenting the text examples of your successes you’ll gain the most traction in terms of search engine optimization.

  • Written or text feedback will more frequently be testimonial. This is your opportunity to provide the quote from a satisfied customer, and tote that victory.
  • Video content more often presents case studies, showing an overview of a past success, displaying more details of how that occured.
    As an example, here is one of our video testimonials:

It may also be wise to format your case studies and testimonials as downloadable PDF files, allowing your prospective clientele to save their examples for later viewing.

Don’t miss the opportunity to create more opportunities. By including text and video testimonials and case studies, and featuring them throughout your website in various places, you will make a significant impact on potential clients, drastically improving the effectiveness of your website.

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