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The Seamless App for Food & Beverage Quality Control - blog post image

The Seamless App for Food & Beverage Quality Control

Monday, October 29, 2018
Posted 6 months ago

Quality Control AnyWare: The Ideal Solution for Food and Beverage Producers

For over a quarter century, Kerr Consulting has provided end-to-end business management solutions that enable food and beverage producers to save money and to ensure customer and regulatory compliance. Built on Sage’s industry-leading Enterprise Management (X3) ERP platform, Quality Control AnyWare package is an integrated, comprehensive, turnkey solution for managing quality control, financials, supply chain and production—all without the cost and complexity of other ERP systems.

Quality Control AnyWare is fully integrated with Enterprise Management (X3), eliminating double entry and it creates efficiencies throughout your supply chain to enhance FSMA and customer-driven compliance.

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and Quality Control AnyWare offers the industry’s most effective way to stop small problems in their tracks. Collect data in real-time, generate COAs and send in real-time, document all records, and create a central repository of data. Monitor critical KPIs in real time with our intuitive dashboards and receive immediate alerts for variations from process specifications.

Quality Control AnyWare provides manufacturers the ideal solution to manage recalls, mock recalls, and even routine audits. Instantly trace products by lot codes, serial numbers, expiration or use-by dates, facility sites, manufacturing lines, or a host of other variables.

Moreover, Quality Control AnyWare drives improved visibility and accountability for employee and allows managers to identify and correct training deficiencies while they are still minor.

Demonstrate compliance at every step of your production chain with our paperless system. Find the documents you need in minutes, not days. Eliminate the time and money wasted when your employees must dig through rooms filled with three-ring binders to locate a specific receipt or bill of sale.

We’ve Built a Better Mousetrap – Seriously!

Not only does Quality Control AnyWare let you manage your operations more efficiently, but our business intelligence feature allows you to predict where significant issues are likely to arise. Solve problems you didn’t even know you had.

Take the humble mousetrap as an example. Rodents eat more than food; they gnaw away at your bottom line and make your customers unhappy. So if you’re like most manufacturers, you have traps scattered throughout your facilities, which employees monitor and log on a fixed schedule.

At the moment, this is all probably done by hand. The employee records the trap number and location, the date and time it was checked, and the number of rodents trapped inside. Then someone else types the employee’s notes into an electronic log – a slow and error-prone process.

Quality Control AnyWare offers a more efficient solution. Monitor pest control with ease. Eliminate cumbersome and error-prone manual data entry. Snap a photo of your mousetraps using a tablet/phone, type in the number found, and our system will automatically track the date, time and location.

More importantly, the data generated over time will not only allow you to control pests, but also to predict where they are most likely to occur next. The possibilities are endless and our predictive intelligence can be applied across your entire organization.

Fully Integrated and Mobile Friendly

Finally, our system is fully mobile. Access the data you need from any device, anywhere that internet connectivity is available.

Quality Control AnyWare is a seamless, integrated package built upon the Sage Enterprise Management (X3) platform – the global leader in enterprise management software. At the same time, we know that one size does not fit all – that even similar businesses in the same industry have unique characteristics.

We will take the time to learn your business and not offer a cookie-cutter solution. We will design a process to match your requirements without cobbling together an unwieldy (and expensive) mess of disparate software systems.

Finally, we will provide personalized support throughout the installation process. Kerr Consulting offers hands-on training. We don’t just tell you and your employees to go watch some videos! We will help you stay ahead of the technology curve and support you throughout the entire life cycle of your project.

To discover how Quality Control AnyWare and Kerr Consulting can help you quickly and efficiently manage your quality control, financials, supply chain and production, call us today at 800-352-4032 ex.3 or request a demo

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