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Intacct’s Commitment to Our Customers

Intacct is committed to your success. To demonstrate our commitment, we have established our Buy with Confidence program outlining the level of service you can expect from us. We strive to make every interaction productive. If we do not meet your expectations, we want to hear from you. Please send your feedback to


  • Outstanding availability
  • Data security
  • Notifications
  • Rapid response
  • Product quality
  • Professional services quality
  • Billing quality
  • Communication excellence

Outstanding availability

Our goal is to provide 24 x 7 availability of the system, and we are confident enough of our tier one data center that we offer subscription credits for availability below 99.8%. You receive a credit of 10% of your subscription fees for the month in which the outage event(s) occurred for every percentage point that Service Availability1 falls below 99.8%, up to a maximum of 50% of the applicable subscription fees for that month2. To receive a credit, you must submit a request to Intacct within 15 days after the month in which the Service Availability outage event(s) occurred. Any credit will be applied against subsequent monthly subscription fees due to Intacct. In addition, the performance of our data center is backed up by a complete disaster recovery program. In the event of a catastrophic earthquake or other major disaster in San Jose, California, Intacct customers will be up and running with full functionality in 24 hours out of the disaster recovery data center.

Data security

Our tier one data center performs transaction log backups every 30 minutes and daily system-wide backups to tape and an offsite location. In addition, transaction backups are sent to the disaster recovery data center every 2 to 4 hours. Intacct commits that no more than 4 hours of a customer’s work could be lost in the case of a catastrophic event.


Intacct will notify you promptly:

  • If the system becomes unavailable unexpectedly
  • When any planned shutdown is scheduled
  • Upon any delay in delivery ofplanned product features
  • Upon any change in implementationproject timeline or cost

Rapid response

If you contact our Customer Support organization at or 877-704-3700, we will provide an acknowledgement within 4 hours. If the issue cannot be resolved within a 24 hour time period, we will provide an update within that time and continue to update you with additional information as it is available.

Product Quality

Our goal is to provide a high quality product that operates as described in our online product documentation. If issues are encountered with Intacct products, we will address reported issues according to the following priority levels:

Priority Description Actions and Response Time
Red System down: Site is not operational and no Workaround is available Intacct will work continuously until resolved.
Target resolution goal: Average resolution goal is within 4 hours of a reproducible case being reported.
(Excludes system outages caused by force majeure, i.e. acts of God, war, civil unrest, acts of government and any other circumstances beyond Intacct’s reasonable control.)
1 Severe impact
  • A major function is not working (unable to utilize a specific portion of the application such as check printing or invoicing)
  • Reproducible Errors which result in a lack of application functionality or intermittent system failure
Good faith efforts by Intacct to provide:
  • A Workaround within 24 hours of notification. If a Workaround is provided, then a plan for correction of the Error will be provided within 5 business days of notification, with a target for completion within 20 business days; or
  • If a Workaround is not provided then a plan for correction of the Error will be provided within 2 business days of notification for completion within 5 business days
2 Moderate impact
  • Reproducible Errors causing malfunction of non-critical functions
  • Customer is able to use the application with the issue outstanding
  • A Workaround within 7 business days of notification. If a Workaround is provided, then a plan for correction of the Error will be provided within 15 business days of notification for completion within 60 days; or
  • If a Workaround is not provided then a plan for correction of the Error will be provided within 5 business days of notification, with a target for completion within 20 business days
E Enhancement request Enhancement requests will be reviewed on a monthly basis by Intacct
Customers will be notified of the outcome of the review and have an opportunity to appeal the decision

Professional services quality

Our goal is 100% satisfaction with the professional services provided by Intacct. To back up that goal, we are willing to place 10% of our professional services fees at risk to ensure customer satisfaction. Intacct agrees to provide the professional services as outlined and mutually agreed upon in the Project Scope Document on-time and on-budget. If we are not able to deliver the professional services outlined within the agreed to budget and timeline, provided that all prerequisites of the Project Scope Document are satisfied, we will forego payment of 10% of the applicable labor-based professional services fees. No questions asked.

Your data is your data, and we will not hold it hostage if you decide to move to another solution. We will help you move if you decide that a better solution exists for a nominal fee.

Billing Quality

We will deliver accurate statements of activity and charges to you on a monthly basis. If there is a billing error brought to our attention, we will provide you a corrected statement within 3 days of the being notified of the error.

Communication excellence

Product development plans: We will provide you with a rolling 6-month view of our product roadmap and an opportunity to provide input and feedback on our development plans via a quarterly web-based meeting. We will notify you promptly if we encounter delays in delivering planned product features and provide you with a revised date for delivery.

New features: We will announce the availability of new features on the user home page and via the Intacct Update. We will also offer a monthly webinar to provide an overview of how to utilize recently released features.

Scheduled maintenance: We have published a weekly 2 hour scheduled maintenance window during non-peak, non-standard hours for system maintenance. If an extended maintenance period is required, the maintenance will be scheduled when it will have the least impact on our customers whenever possible (usually nights or weekends) not to exceed 8 hours per week. For extended maintenance periods, we will notify you 48 hours in advance via an email to your customer contact in addition to an announcement on the user home page.

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