Sage Data Management & Analytics


Implement a revolutionary business intelligence system with Kerr Consulting

A feature rich Sage X3 Analytics solution


  • Cloud, On-premises, or Hybrid, with pre-set data models and analytics for Sage X3, other ERP and applications such as CRM
  • Pre-packed solution for rapid implementation and quicker time-to-value
  • Remove the need for expensive technical experts
  • Align investment to existing and future technology strategy


  • Automated connection and collection of data from cloud and on-premises data sources
  • Out-of-the-box integration with almost any data source
  • Quicker and easier to combine data from multiple sources with Sage X3
  • Easy to continue to add data sources to enrich insight


  • Powerful modeling capabilities accessed via a user-friendly graphical interface, with a drag and drop UX
  • Customize data models to meet the most demanding reporting needs
  • Built-in data quality, administration, security, and deployment
  • Data warehouse and cube automation simplifies process and removes need for technical expertise


  • Comprehensive system administration and strong data governance tools built-in
  • Enterprise-class security controls to set permissions, regulate access and protect data at any granularity
  • Audit and monitor usage via dashboards to optimize performance and maintenance
  • Manage upgrade lifecycles with tools to ensure consistency of data and business continuity


Enable self-service reporting through Enterprise-class analytics, or other data visualization tools e.g. Tableau, Qlik, Power BI

  • Industry best-practice analytics and role-based dashboards are ready to use
  • Easy to adapt, dynamic analytics enable drill-down, data discovery, and sharing
  • Responsive, touch friendly user interface adapts to any device, driving user adoption

Tailored for Sage X3

Sage X3 Data Management and Analytics is deeply integrated in the Sage X3 platform. It can be deployed in days, unlike other BI solutions that require custom integrations to be built. The standard pre-set Sage X3 Smart data source includes:

  • Metadata (localized captions, keys, relationships, modules)
  • Mono or multi-folder
  • Multi-company and multi-lingual caption extraction
  • Automatic analytical dimension configurations
  • Statistical groups support
  • Automatic captions for local menus
  • Customizations detection
  • Miscellaneous tables
  • Currency conversions