Sage X3 - Industries


Sage ERP X3 helps companies across a number of industries grow their business and improve profitability. Continue reading for examples of how we help in some of the many industries where our customers rely on Sage ERP X3 to improve their business.


In today's global market, differentiating your company often means speeding up your business processes to reduce lead times. Put your production on the right track with Sage ERP X3 software designed to meet your unique needs.

Wholesale Distribution

As a wholesale distributor, you face growing challenges. Fierce competition in a globalized market. Supply chain complexity. Rising costs. Customer demands for more choices, faster fulfillment, and at lower rates. It’s no secret-the pressure’s on.


As a services company, your biggest challenge is to meet your client’s needs and expectations while maintaining profitability. Put simply, you’re looking for new innovative ways to eliminate inefficiencies to free up capital for investments, cut IT costs, while continuing to increase revenue and win new customers. With Sage ERP X3 you can continue to grow your company without growing your headcount.

Food and Beverage

As a food and beverage manufacturer, you deal with a unique set of industry-specific requirements and regulations. Facing cutthroat competition, heightened customer expectations, and the watchful eye of the government, you must efficiently fill customer orders, control inventory, plan production, and maintain quality.


The challenges facing chemical manufacturers and distributors in operating a profitable organization are paramount. With external market factors such as government regulations, global competition, and customer demands, you need to find a flexible business management solution that reacts and scales with the immediate needs of your ever-changing business.

Life Sciences

As a life sciences manufacturer, your company’s success depends on having an industry specific solution that can help you improve information transparency and efficiently deal with an increasing array of regulatory requirements and rigorously enforced inspections. What’s more there’s the added complexity of ensuring that your products conform to quality standards and meet the demands of customers.

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