Accounts Receivable


Accelerate your collections cycle

Accelerate your cash flows and keep your organization strong by properly managing invoices, credit terms, and other accounts receivable (AR) tasks. Intacct Accounts Receivable streamlines AR management by automating the invoicing and collections process. That shortens the cash cycle, enhances business performance, increases accuracy, and improves customer satisfaction.

Key benefits

Send out those invoices—fast

Stay firmly in control of an error-free AR process and use automated dunning and collection notices to make collections painless. Intacct Accounts Receivable automates processes and reduces manual data entry. Greater efficiency means your organization can get paid faster—and that means stronger cash flows. You can also generate recurring invoices for easy subscription management, attach customer documents to transactions for better recordkeeping, send invoices by email, and offer more payment options.

Get connected to stay in control

Connect accounts receivable to the rest of your business for consistent financial views. Intacct

Accounts Receivable works with leading CRM solutions, including Salesforce Sales Cloud, to give you a single view of quotes, sales orders, and invoices. It automatically posts order transactions to both your general and AR ledgers, so billing and accounting is more efficient. And it accurately calculates all sales taxes using AvaTax for Intacct.

Get the Insights you need

Now you can analyze your accounts receivable data across a variety of business drivers for a complete view from every perspective. Configurable dashboards, reports, graphs, and charts give you a real-time view into customer aging, invoice analyses, recurring invoices, deferred revenue, and more.

Key features


Email option: Send invoices faster.

Multiple payment receipt options: Accept payments in your customers’ preferred forms including check, cash, credit card, and funds transfer.

Advance payments: Receive and apply payments at any time for added convenience

Quick invoice import: Enjoy easy, after-the-fact bulk invoice entry

Transaction documentation drag-and-drop:Drag and drop supporting documents directly to transactions; cut paper use and filing, and instantly access backup documentation.

Integration with PayPal Merchant Services and Simplify payment receipt, and support recurring bills and scheduled payments.

Accounts receivable management

Extensive history: Keep track of transaction details forever, and maintain secure access to complete customer histories

Post-payment control: Ensure that paid invoices cannot be deleted or edited.

Granular access control: Strengthen your segregation of duties with control over which individuals and roles can access which data and processes

Integration across all accounting processes

Order management integration: Keep everyone up-to-date by automatically posting Intacct Order Management transactions to Intacct General Ledger and Accounts Receivable; provide sales staff with quotes, sales orders, and invoices.

Key features

Sales tax connection: Leverage up-to-date and accurate tax calculations via the cloud using AvaTax—or configure the Intacct Advanced Tax Engine to fit your business.

Tax accruals: Comply with requirements in each area where you do business using the Intacct Advanced Tax Engine.

Comprehensive reporting

Customizable dashboards: Quickly gain insights by adding reports, charts, and graphs to dashboards.

Complete accounts receivable reports: Gain better visibility with reports for aging, invoicing analysis, recurring invoices, active projects, and deferred revenue.

Custom analyses: Get more strategic insights with custom analyses across multiple attributes such as project, customer, location, and department.

Collections (optional module required)

Automated dunning and collection notices: Send automated emails based on invoice creation or past due date. Set up different email templates for each collection attempt.

Reminder rules: Set up reminder rules for different payment options such as net 30 and due upon receipt.

Collection case ownership: Assign ownership of customer records and collection cases. Send “personal” reminders (from the individual’s email address) or generic reminders.

Collections information: Automatically capture collection case information—shown on customer records as a separate tab so you easily access collections activities.

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