Sage 100c


Unite your company so you can grow revenues, reduce costs, and increase profitability, move beyond simple accounting software.

Sage 100c helps your growing company with accounting, manufacturing, distribution, inventory management and more. It's an easy, affordable and customizable business management solution for growing manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.

Simplify your business financials

Ensure your cash flow can meet the needs of your business and avoid stressful shortfalls. Now you know your exact cash position today and can anticipate what you'll need tomorrow.

Stop wasting time on budgeting and planning cycles in your company and manage everything with our budgeting and planning application. Simplify monthly bank reconciliations. Detect unrecorded transactions, locate errors and differences, record corrections, and reconcile your books with your bank statements.

Improve the accuracy of your reports

Increase trust and make better business decisions with Sage 100c. The software makes data entry quick, efficient, and accurate with the exclusive dual grid entry. The built-in calculator makes it easy to modify or reset a row or all rows.

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