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Disaster Recovery After The Storm

Will Rose - Monday, September 11, 2017
Posted 9 days ago

The Road to Recovery

We at Kerr Consulting are wishing you all the best during this trying time, and hoping that through the catastrophic events of this storm you and those close to you remain safe and sound. Despite Harvey’s devastating impact, citizens of Houston and beyond have shown unwavering moxie in the face of adversity, and have band together to minimize damage and fortify community.

At Kerr, we have a great deal of respect for this response, and are making as many efforts as possible in aiding relief. We’re offering our assistance and resources, should you need us, and have partnered with Sage to match tax-deductible donations to the American Red Cross.

Assessing inventory, managing data accuracy, and documenting damage

There are a number of practical solutions you will want to implement in the speedy recovery of your business after a natural disaster:

After a storm of this magnitude it’s important to take inventory of your losses. Take stock of the items you need to replace, who can supply them, and how you’ll obtain them.

Account for any automated systems that could generate inaccurate data. Review the ERP reporting and determine any discrepancies. If need be, restore to pre-disaster data. Moreover, be sure to make a thorough review of payroll, and account for any hours lost due to the storm. If you were closed, calculate accurate payroll entry for all of your employees.

Make sure to document damage. Keep accurate records of any damages to facilities or machinery. If damage is significant, you might qualify for an impairment loss. This record keeping will be especially useful in terms of taxes due, as well as adjusting market values. It’s also important to note that certain counties may qualify for tax relief.

Make appropriate insurance claims, and be diligent in reviewing what you are allowed to claim. There are various factors with regard to the policy that will affect insurance proceeds, so accounting treatment is crucial.

A storm such as this can seem devastating, but it doesn’t have to be a major setback. At Kerr consulting, we’re prepared to aid in your recovery every step of the way.

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Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

Koray Ozturk - Monday, September 04, 2017
Posted 16 days ago

Supporting our hometown and local community for Hurricane Harvey Relief efforts.

Kerr Consulting has called Houston home since 1998 and our thoughts are with all those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

We are excited to announce a fundraising campaign through the American Red Cross. Kerr Consulting and Sage will both match donations through October 31st up to a total of $5,000 USD. For every tax deductible dollar you donate there will be $2 matched by Kerr and Sage up to $5,000 USD.

Kerr Consulting, in partnership with Sage, are committed to helping our local communities rebuild as quickly as possible. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you in advance for joining in this effort. Thank you for being a part of our family.

Please feel free to share this link with partners, customers, and others within your network so we can amplify our efforts.

Please click here to Donate through RedCross site

P.S. Link will send you to Red Cross site where you can submit your donation. Thanks for your generosity! 


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Path to Recovery after Hurricane Harvey

Koray Ozturk - Friday, September 01, 2017
Posted 19 days ago

Our hometown, Houston got impacted by an enormous storm last week causing damages and impacting people's life in many ways. We stand by to assist all of our clients, peers, and friends. We are working on a fundraising plan with our vendors to provide additional capital for the ones who are effected by this tragedy. When it comes to recovery, sky is our limit and it is within us to work hand in hand to restore lives. One of our senior consultants Ronnie Hopkins had a personal experience that we wanted to share with you all as an important piece of great advice as we work towards a speedy recovery. Please take it under advisement for you or your neighbors:

“Last year (Spring 2016 in my area and Fall 2016 in south Louisiana) I worked with Flood remediation crews from our church gutting homes, treating for mildew and mold, etc. and in the process met many that had flooded homes. Below is a piece of information to pass along to anyone whose home did flood. Follow it to a “T”. Those flooded were effected emotionally and financially forever. Can’t do much about the emotional damages but doing these things can at least help some with the financial. Bottom line take pics to document each stage, gut the damaged house ASAP (each day you wait the worse the mildew and mold will be) …very tough to completely treat and remove (any spores left within wall, etc can grow later) and arrange for as less expensive housing as possible, no telling how long before you will be able to move back to the home. Most likely many weeks but also very possibly many months.

Purchase a copier with fax will be worth its weight in gold during this ordeal. It will save you time and money. Trust me. Gut your home immediately. Salvage what you can. Establish a daily log on your cell phone using the note app or something similar. With it you can log both written and pictorial records. 

Now will be the time for your local politicians to assist you all and let them know their seat of representation will depend on it. You are in for a long haul. Register with immediately. They will assist with temporary rental and storage. Tip. Move in with a friend or relative. Establish a rental agreement and provide them with receipts. We're still recovering from the Louisiana 2016 flood. The above are just a few of the things we found very helpful especially that fax machine. It allowed us to get info to FEMA without delay. Fax with a scan option won't require as much paperwork handling on your part when providing FEMA required documents. Hope this helps someone. This is not second hand nor hearsay off the press first-hand experience. Beware of unscrupulous contractors especially out of town contractors. Give no money up front, ever. If they demand then take their pic, get their contact info, get a pic of their driver’s license and plate number and then politely tell them you will be in touch. When they leave, report their AZ to the local board of licensed contractors. There's more but this will get you started. Prayers help and luck is good but money and assistance and wisdom and perseverance and patience is practical.”