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Smart SEO for boosting leads over traffic

Friday, November 10, 2017
Posted 15 days ago

The Roadmap for a Results-Oriented SEO Plan

SEO is a complicated beast. Algorithms are constantly in flux, an individual’s search results are contingent on location, search history, search engine. There are so many factors that contribute to a new user stumbling onto your site via search engine referral. While there’s no precise science to skyrocketing your site to the first page listing for your preferred keywords, there is a lot of room for improvement on most small and medium business websites.

Here are a few tips (from simple to more complex) for optimizing your website content and improving your organic search results in Google, Bing, and more.

Builidng a Network

Don’t let your website be an island, make it part of a relevant network. You can do this by posting blog posts links, white papers, case studies, videos, and more to social media sites. Some users are circumventing top level search engines altogether and are instead going straight to Youtube, Linkedin, Instagram, Yelp, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter to find products, services, and resources. These are social and “user approved” methods of indexing the vast information available on the internet.

Apart from allowing users to find you through these avenues, having multiple links referring people to your site boost organic results in search engines. By building your online network, you can develop much more targeted marketing efforts and leverage engagements to boost impressions. Find the customers who are trying to find you.

In-Page SEO and Optimized Content

Google is crawling the words in your page in addition to the structural HTML tags, titles, and alt codes. A good web developer is going to be considering this as they build your website. Header text is wrapped in <h1> tags and other levels of text are given the correct hierarchy. Images need relevant titles (appears on hover) and alternative text (shows if the image doesn’t load). These also improve site accessibility for users with disabilities.

You will also enhance your results with appropriately frequent use of your keywords in the body of pages, blogposts, etc. This solidifies the relevancy of the page for that subject matter. Search engines can detect duplicated content, so unique information is better than copying others.


As you can imagine, analytics tools offer valuable insight into your site’s performance. But you should be aiming for more than just a high visit count; you want engagements. 10 committed users browsing multiple pages of your site are much more valuable than 1,000 one-time bounces. These are legitimate leads. You can see how your content is performing and whether or not it’s reaching the right people by delving deep into your website’s traffic analytics.

Some website hosting solutions offer informative analytics built in, as our solution Web Architect does. But you can gain even more insight by setting up Google Webmaster Tools. Firstly, use Google Analytics to track user behavior like their flow through the website, referral sources, time spent per page, returning visitors. Next, you’ll want to pair this information with data you gather from Google Search Console. See a preview of what this tool can accomplish below:

With this information, you can target specific search phrases that you know could lead people to your website, and get beyond mere speculation about potential customers. Now you will get more than just volume from your SEO efforts, you will get results.

Beware: Tech Support Scams  - blog post image

Beware: Tech Support Scams

Monday, October 16, 2017
Posted 1 month ago

Online tech support scams are on the rise, and their tactics to look legitimate are better than ever. We want our Kerr Consulting clients to be informed so they aren't the target of expensive and fake anti-virus and malware protection services.

Scammers mimic Apple and Windows operating system prompts during internet browsing sessions to trick computer users into thinking their machines are infected with malware. After calling the support number on the fake system message, users then get pressured into unnecessary anti-virus software and services. Learn more about these types of scams and how to protect yourself in this article from Consumer Reports.

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Outsmart The Competition With Business Intelligence

Monday, October 09, 2017
Posted 2 months ago

Every business collects internal data about company operations and processes. Increasingly, businesses are acquiring even more external customer data from mobile apps, websites and social media. Business Intelligence (BI) refers to methods and tools to collect and categorize this data which make it comprehensible, meaningful and actionable.

Business Intelligence software will help you turn this raw data into usable information. You can leverage the data you’re collecting now, and find ways to collect even more data. You can explore new ways to visualize and work with your data to find trends and recognize patterns. This becomes knowledge you can use to help your business stay ahead of the competition.

Business Intelligence Means Better Decisions

BI helps users make decisions based on hard figures instead of just assumptions. A major focus of BI is data analysis. Three main types are data mining, text analysis and business analytics. Data mining can be simply automated, grouping sets of data together to help you find correlations. Text analysis can go deep into social media reviews and feedback to gauge tone and general sentiment. This can help identify and predict customer behaviors. Business analytics help reveal inefficiencies in your processes and see opportunities to allocate resources differently.

With each successive layer of analysis, your data becomes more useful. Descriptive analysis simply describes the data you have, providing a raw digest. Predictive analysis looks for trends and ways to extrapolate what the data says about the future. Decision analysis builds on previous layers, taking into account external factors and conditions to provide recommendations about the best course of action.

BI Gives You Great ROI

The goal is clean, high quality data that gives you the whole accurate picture. You’ll be able to see performance benchmarks and manage processes for maximum efficiency. You can simplify, consolidate, prioritize and remove the frustration that comes from just reacting to situations. You will have access detailed information to define goals, create plans and make strategic decisions. With fewer limitations and increased flexibility you’ll be able to budget and forecast with more confidence. Business intelligence empowers you to focus on solutions which increase performance and decrease expenditures.

Without a data management service, much of your time may be eaten up preparing and securing the data instead of analyzing it. ZapBI offers visualizations which are customized for your industry and dashboards tailored to specific user roles. With the right tools and the right collaboration, BI will allow you to centralize, analyze and capitalize on your data in unprecedented ways.