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Designed to integrate with the Sage ERP product line, but also compatible with most major software packages or as a standalone product.

Workflow Anyware

Every day, more and more companies invest in technology to become more cost-effective and gain a competitive edge. Yet, for all of these investments, many companies still rely on manual processes that are inefficient. It’s time to optimize the workflow process.

It’s time for Workflow AnyWare.

Workflow AnyWare is a unique cloud-based solution that enables anytime, anyplace access to information. Its intelligent automation and application integration rapidly moves business processes to an electronic environment to create a process-based structure.


Search & Retreive


Automated Delivery

Key Features

Don’t hire – automate! Workflow AnyWare standardizes, optimizes and automates your corporate process to increase profitability.

Document Management
Provides fast and secure access to structured and unstructured data. Includes version control, access control, notifications, approval workflows, embedded file viewer support, collaboration, enterprise archiving and more.

Record Management
Manages and automates the retention and removal of content to comply with regulations and policies.

File Capture
Captures and digitizes any type of document from any location.

Generates a visual report of your activities.

.NET Framework, IIS
Service Oriented Architecture (WCF Based)
Asp.Net MVC Application
Programming Languages: C#, Delphi, Javascript, HTML5, CSS 3.0
Scalable and High Available

SQL Server 2005 or higher
ORACLE 9i or higher
Windows Server 2008 R2 or higher
Framework 4.5, 4.6
HTML5 supported browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox, Safari)

Worfklow Anyware Layers - Kerr Consulting

Ensures an easy, useful and rapid interface to users with HTML5 and CSS3-based single page web application (Single Page Application - SPA). Improves ease of use for every device through mobile device design/visual compatibility, layout adjustments for various screen sizes and touch screen support.

System Requirements


Min Intel Xeon 4 x 2,1 GHz


Min 12 GB


Windows 2008 64 Bit or over

Web Server

IIS7 or over

. Net Framework



MS SQL 2008 and OR Oracle 10g or over

DB Disk Capacity

Min 100 GB

Application Disk Requirement

Min 50 GB


Get a competitive edge.

Workflow AnyWare is a cost-effective business solution designed to help businesses become more efficient, reduce costs and increase profits.

Contact us about Workflow AnyWare today.

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